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. Kienast Is Moving Across Europe.
Lease one of the largest and fastest-growing retail shoe chains in Germany. The Kienast Group is not just spreading its feelers all over Germany. The enterprise has already successfully expanded into the growth market of the Czech Republic. where it has opened numerous branches. Kienast opens a two-digit number of new shops every year.
Depending on the most suitable sales concept,
  new attractive locations are opened in pedestrian zones, top shopping centres, in parts of town locations with high shopper frequency, and in retail market centres.

With regard to their continual and progressive expansion, Kienast is always interested in looking into new and attractive areas.
Shoe4You Filiale  
Sales area: from 600 qm to 1.000 qm
Location: retail market centres and shopping centres
Expansion area: Towns with over 30,000 inhabitants
K+K Schuh-Center Filiale  
Sales area: from 300 qm to 600 qm, exclusively on one plane Window front: minimum 11 m
Location: Inner city A and B location, urban area with high shopper frequency, retail market centres, Mall/checkout areas in self-service department stores
Expansion area: Towns with over 10,000 inhabitants
street Filiale  
. TREND-SHOP street shoes
Sales area: from 150 qm to 250 qm, exclusively on one plane
Window front: minimum 7 m
Location: 1 A location, pedestrian zones,
Shopping Centre
Expansion area: Towns with over 50,000 inhabitants

Your direct contact partner:
Mr. Jýrg Warneke (Managing Director)
Telephone: 0049 (0) 5130 / 378 125
Fax: 0049 (0) 5130 / 378 121
E-Mail: warneke@kienast-gruppe.de
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