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. Strong Concepts For Every Target Group.
Combined under one roof: street shoes, the ABC shoe centre, the K+K shoe centre, Shoe4You and CLAUDIO Schuhe ý– this is the brand world of the Kienast Group. There is a concept ready for every target group, and it is designed not only to appeal with its wide product range, it is also ideally designed to appeal to customer requirements with its product presentation and branch design.   Together, these sales concepts form one of the largest and most successful enterprises in the German shoe sector. Because of their annual production quantity of 7 million pairs of shoes, Kienast succeeds in achieving particularly favourable conditions for their suppliers, thus transmitting attractive savings to the customer.
street im Internet
82 branches:
The young trend shop
for the fashion-conscious
  street Filiale
ABC im Internet
96 branches:
The classic retail outlet
for the whole family
  ABC Schuh-Center Filiale
K+K im Internet
190 branches:
The classic retail outlet
for the whole family
  K+K Schuh-Center Filiale
Shoe4You im Internet
51 branches:
The trendy retail outlet
for the whole family
  Shoe4You Filiale
Claudio im Internet
4 branches:
The shoe boutique
for a design-oriented clientele
  Claudio Schuhe Filiale
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